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Goodbye Tuffy

Stitch was his Buddy
They used to wrestle each other all the time.
He was a toe biter
He loved his his rice box
He liked to stick his head in the rice
He love those Bell balls
He'd sleep anywhere
You'd walk in the door,
He' be sleeping in the middle of the floor.
Tuffy was the first ferret I met,
He was my pal.
He'd take the treat ball,
and eat all the treats out of it
Then bring it back to Scooter empty.
Scooter would try to get one out,
then they wrestle each other
Scooter would get so mad,
cuz Tuffy wouldn't leave any treats for him
But they were pals too.
He would fall asleep in the tubes,
Then another ferret would walk right over him
Tuffy would wake up,
bite whoever would walk over him
and go back to sleep.
He was a cool ferret
We used to play together all the time
We liked to gang up on Lilo
Scooter would always bite me,
and Tuffy would always smack him in the face.
I loved Tuffy
I think he loved me
He never really bit me alot
Tuffy used to bark at the other ferrets
I will miss him alot
He was a sleepy little guy
He would make me laugh so much
He was a wierdo ferret
I wish he didn't have to go

written by Kyle, 10 yrs old