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Socks & Fuzzy

In 1997 my boyfriend Brian & I adopted Fuzzy, who was then 2 years old as best we could tell, from a shelter in Harleysville Pa. Fuzzy wasn't very fuzzy at the time, having just undergone surgery for an adrenal tumor but when he crawled up into Brian's big strong arms & settled down for a cuddle.. it was love at 1st sight! Fuzzy loved to play with a big soft baseball, dragging it with his forepaws in a most amusing way. He loved to eat raisins and when his fur grew back in he was a lovely sable color. Later that year we adopted Socks & Bandit ( who we soon renamed" Missy".) They were also from the same rescue and were cagemates who we didn't want to split up. Socks was a handsome silvermitt, about 4 years old and Missy was a sweet & feisty little light sable/cinnamon girl of about 3. We were a happy family until 1998 when Socks died... not sure what happened .. just came in to see him one day & he was gone to ferret heaven. We still miss his sweet kisses and the comical way his long top fangs tapped on the floor as he walked .

It's odd how some people don't believe that animals have souls or emotions.. I saw Missy go into a depression when Socks passed away.. they had been inseparable.. and although she still had Fuzzy for company it just wasn't the same.

Hoping to cheer her up, and also to find a bunkmate for Fuzzy, I took Fuz with me one day to a pet store to see if I could find a buddy he could get along with. That is where I found Babygirl, a beautiful chubby thick coated sable with whom Fuzzy seemed to be compatible. I brought her home in July of 1998 and gave her to Brian as a birthday present.( Sure beats a tie! lol)

Missy was rather bewildered by this new baby, who was bigger than she was! Missy asserted her dominance immediately by dragging a squealing Babygirl gently around by the ears.

Although Fuzzy got along with Missy & Babygirl, he still remained the aloof bachelor, preferring to sleep alone while the two girls cuddled together. In August of 2000, Fuzzy got really sick & dehydrated and after much intense vet care & home nursing, he seemed to rally for a while but then relapsed a few weeks later and had to be put down because he crashed so fast there was nothing that could be done to save him.

Our hearts were broken again.. and we buried Fuzzy, our 1st & Brian's favorite ferret next to Socks in our backyard pet cemetary. Now Missy is getting old & has her own problems.. she is bald from the shoulders back due to an adrenal tumor... the vet says we could try to operate but she is an old lady and it would probably put more stress on her than if we just leave it be. She doesn't seem to be suffering.. she just sleeps a lot more these days and isn't as playful... but she is very sweet and cuddly..loves to have her back scratched. I miss the days when she would jump off the bed into my outstretched nightgown and steal anything she could & hide it under the bed.

Babygirl is still chubby and I think she misses having another ferret to play with.. she tries to get our little old lady Missy to play but Missy just lies down & hisses at her.

Last Sunday we fell in love with an adorable little silvermitt.. and although I prefer to get my pets from shelters, Brian just couldn't leave without taking the baby with us..( & I thought I was a sucker for a furry face! ) Now our little Taz is brightening our life, and is the object of much curiosity by my 2 cats, Rambo & Pooh. They don't know what to make of the ferrets.. I think they are a little afraid & show their respect by running away when a ferret gets a little too close.

We haven't introduced Taz to Missy & Babygirl yet, pending a health check this Friday by our vet.. just want to make sure he's not bringing any nasty weasel diseases to our girls.

Well thanks for listening and lets pray for all the homeless and abused animals... and do what we can to help them!
Rest in peace Socks & Fuzzy! We miss you!