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Goodbye Sweet Sammy

Twelfth of Never

You ask how long we'll love you.. Until the Twelfth of Never... we'll still be loving you!
The end of an era, the crossing of our last ferret. Dear Sammy, our beloved Sam Man, our Love Muffin, our Little Man... Mommie's Love Bug....How true it is that: If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, we'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you home again.

I've never had a harder tribute to write than this one. In a way, it's a tribute not just to you but to all of the fuzzies we have loved and lost over the last 8 years. Your passing is truly the end of a love affair with the most wonderful beings on earth.

This love affair began almost 8 years on the wings of an injured hummingbird:) If not for that one little soul, your dad and I would never have know the joy of having you and your brothers and sisters. The years have been filled with so much joy and laughter; so many different little quirks that each of you had...especially you my dear Sammy.

As I sit here tonight in the "babies room" where you and all the others slept and played, I am struck by the silence and emptiness of the room. Where once there were sounds of babies playing with toys and dancing across the room and down the hall, there is now only memories of those wonderful days. How your dad and I long to have all of you back once more, playing as little ones. We long to hear the sound of your feet running up and down the hall between the two bedrooms, the sound of you running thru the tubbie tubes, the sound of toys being dragged under the dresser. We long to see you, sweet Sammy, playing in the water bowl, washing your feet and then your face:) You loved to do that every morning before you would start your day! We long to see you playing with your brother Casey, running side by side looking like mirror images of each other. We long to touch the tiny white spot on top of your head. Sometimes I would say it was the mark of the devil because of your impish ways:) But truly, you were marked by the angels. We long to hold you just one more time, and stoke your silkey fur, to bury our faces and smell the baby fresh scent. We long to turn back the hands of the clock but can only hold on to the memories of those beautiful times we all shared.

The weeks following Casey's leaving, brought you even closer to us. It's those two weeks that we will always cherish. How wonderful it was to see you toodle around the house and explore the other side of the we fondly referred to the other side of the puppy gate:) You so loved chasing after your brothers, Max Dog and Joey Kitty:)...And the special times we had together after you would have your meals will forever be in my memory, especially that night you washed my cheek for me. Somehow I think you were trying to tell us that it was almost your time to leave.

There will never be another like you, dear Sammy. You wll forever hold our hearts in your tiny paws. Time will never lessen the loss we feel or the love that we have for you and your brothers and sisters. Our loss is now Heaven's gain.

Sleep with the angels my love. And know that your dad and I will always love you and the rest of our fuzzie little family! Each of you brought so much light into our lives. We take confort in knowing that after many years all of you are now playing together. And we know that one day we will all be together once more.

From our heart to will always flow! Though your early body is no longer with us, your spirit will always remain!

Missing you baby!

Love and kisses
mommie joyce and daddy mark