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Goodbye Sweet Casey

In Loving Memory on Valentines Day

Our dear sweet Casey, it's hard to realize that another of our babies has grown old and left to join our other sweet fuzzies that we miss so much. You left behind the last little one that we have, your best buddy, Sammy who misses you so very much.

I still remember the day I saw you in the pet store, you were this larger than life bundle of fur. Mark and I had never seen a fuzzie that was as fuzzie as you :):).. There was just no way we could not bring you home to join the growing family of ferrets. You were our 5th fuzzie. And the only one that was a selfish little thief when it came to your toys :):)....Every toy was yours....your dad and I could sit for hours tossing the little stuffed toys and you would scurry and grab them no matter how large and drag them down the hall and hide them under the dresser in the ferret room. I can see you so clearly right now doing that. Some were so large you would trip over them. Only your brother Bear was a match for you in toy theft:)

Over the years you managed to steal away our hearts with your magical face and silly ways. Your were our Case Man, our Casey Face. You loved to kiss but mommie learned the hard way that she had better COUNT the kisses or get a chomp on the lips:):). And how you loved to take care of your brother Sammy. Even at the end when you were slipping so rapidly, you never failed to bath him when he was sleeping.

It was with much sadness that we let you go when it was apparent that you could not longer walk and care for yourself. You left us with another big hole in our hearts but we also know that on this Valentines Day you are playing happily again with your brothers and sisters and watching down on your Sammy.

Just know your mommie and daddy loved you more than you will ever know. You were our little man, a ray of sunshine on the darkest of days. We miss you love. If only such precious babies as you and the others could have been granted the ability to live longer, giving your mommy and daddy many more years of fuzzie love.

Be sweet my darling Casey. And take ferret kisses to the others for us. Your mom and dad will always be with you in spirit.


Love and kisses mommie joyce and daddy mark