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Bear Snyder-Parrish


How do you describe a Blessing wrapped up in ferret fur? I'm not sure how but one thing is for certain; you, dear sweet Bear, were one of the greatest blessings your dad and I have ever been given. Nothing could compare to your beautiful face or your gleaming, silky fur. But your outer beauty paled in comparison to the inner heart of you.

Letting you go was the hardest thing your dad and I have ever had to do. I sit and remember your childlike ways of covering yourself up with your blankie at night when I would tuck you in. Your shiny white fur and rosy cheeks peeped above the top of your blankie. Or the way you loved to lay inside the computer cabinet while I worked on my website, content to be near. I can see you running down the hall with a toy in your mouth and playing pull the blankie with your dad. And I see you laying on top of your ferret cage bathed in a pool of sunshine. So many memories to hold on to.

There will never be another You, dear Bear. You were truly so very special. Your dad and I will hold you close in our hearts always. We take comfort in knowing you are joining your brothers and sister that went before you. We know you are well and playing and no longer hampered by the ills you had during these past many months. And we take comfort in knowing one day we will all be joined again as one happy family.

Sleep with the angels my love. And always remember, You were loved more than life.

Missing you so very much
mommie Joyce and daddy Mark