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Zenobia came to us when she was 4 years old. In the short 17 months that we knew her, she became so dear and precious to us. When I, Shannon, first picked her up, she clung to me and would not let me go. She and I had an immediate bond.

She was such a precious ferret, just pure sweetness and light. Two of her many nicknames was Cream Puff, and Pumpkin Face. She loved to be a blanket monster, and to nibble on our knuckles. Oh, and let's not forget her antagonizing the other ferrets with her "rump pushing." She had such a wonderful personality, and she was so humorous. Shake it off! (a quirk of hers.)

I could go on and on... So I'll end here by saying that Shawn and I miss her very, very much, and she will always, ALWAYS, be in our hearts. We love you so much, sweet "Nober Kate".