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A chilling wind blew across the open field as they sat huddled together that dark, cold night in December....she, tiny(only a little over a pound), and the only hair on her body was on her little head and tiny little feet. He, strong with flashing eyes and a look of determination on his face, starred into the dark night. The cage, cold and devoid of food and water or any bankets to sustain them against the cold. The weather forecast.....THE COLDEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR..... What were they thinking,these two tiny creatures? I see the boy wrapped tightly around his baby sister trying to shield her tiny, furless body from the cold with his warm fur and body heat. I see her ever so tiny head resting across his back looking out into the black night.....Maybe a Christmas miracle...a prayer sent to Heaven for HIM to intervene against the horrible odds of their survival.

And HE, in his infinate grace, worked that miracle that cold night.....a person driving through the dark, seeing a cage in the middle of that lonely field....stopped.....and moved by the compassion in their heart, acted and put the MIRACLE into play. A phone call, a shelter mom....loving hearts and caring hands moving to do the work this miracle of life.

For Mark and me, it started with this story...a picture...and a husband touched so deeply that we knew that MIRACLE would continue with us. The boy so strong. the girl so tiny, soon came to be known as:

From December, when we first heard this touching story, we followed these sweet babies closely...Little Delilah was adrenal and her shelter mom was determined to give her every chance possible for a happy, normal life...Little Delilah was started on medication and in a few months had regown most of her beautiful coat including the hair on her precious little stubby tail...Then in late April...this courageous little girl had adrenal surgery which was successful... The call to us came on a Friday night...."When do you want me to bring Sampson and Delilah to you!!!??" Mark instantly grabbed the phone and said "How about right now?!" The next day...they arrived with much fan fair and loads of picture taking!!! It took only a short time before these two became happy members of our fuzzie family...

Little Delilah instantly became her Daddy's girl!!! Daddy taught her how to come to the squeekies and she would take each one and shake it and hide it in her favorite spot...Her joy was wonderful...Her tiny face would look up in wonder and love for her family...Mark always called her "His BABY GIRL"..and she loved to dance around his feet when he came into the room....

Little Princess Delilah was with us such a short time...only 18 months...she started slowing down and not playing as much. We suspected the cause and had an appointment to have her checked for insulonima...Before that could happen, our sweet baby crashed. It took only one week from the first episode before she finally crossed the BRIDGE....We know that her special GUARDIAN ANGEL that had always been with her....guided her that night. She is at peace now and joins her brothers, Trouble and Bandit... We Love you, DELILAH....We will always hold you sooo close in our hearts. You will always be our PRINCESS. Your mom and dad love you.

Love you BABY GIRL
mommie joyce and daddy mark