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Hi....many of you knew me as the toughest fighter Mom ever had.

The part Mom never got around to writing is why Mom got me from a shelter. My brother who came to the shelter with me had adrenal problems which he died of before surgery. He died two days after we got to the shelter. Well I stopped eating.

The shelter owner knew Mom asked if Mom would take me for a little while. The shelter lady had allot of human family problems. So mom said okay but not for long (she always says that....giggle ). I wasn't sick just felt lost. I lost the humans I knew and my brother at the same time (most of Mom's bunch have serious problems).

Well Mom I have to say, would not let me, not eat. Some of the others said you just as well give in. She's a stubborn one and we've tried not eating,but she doesn't put up with that. Besides after a while you'll love her, she has a way of making you love her. After you get some meat on your bones, I bet she'll let you sleep with her. So I gave in well in no time she let me sleep with her, when I screamed. Which I loved to do. Even if no one was around some of her ferrets are HUGE.

But I found these two they played funny. Never attacked me, kept putting there butts in my face. Pee-ew they'd Poof in my face if I screamed. Well I stopped screaming.

The smelly ones are Peek-a -boo and Snickers, and the other one that they ALWAYS stuck with them was Hidey- HOO- HOO. She screamed too. I think she can't smell or something.

Well sure enough Mom would fall asleep with us. Even better she'd put us with her in bed. Anyway the four of us would pal around. Peek-a -boo, he's big, made a great pillow for me. Hidey and Snickers would climb on top of us. So we could snooze. Good luck to anyone trying to mess with us.

Well everything was great till Peek got sick like my brother did. Mom caught it in time so he came back by this time. Of course Mom knew she couldn't get rid of me.

Now this is where my life was changed forever. Some punks broke into Mom's house opened my cage Peek knew they were bad news. He bit one, the punk got mad. They flipped my cage upside down. Well everything came crashing on me, my food bowl and water dish. I slept on the top shelve when I was in the cage. So I could see everything and knew none of the spastic ones could bug me. Well Mom came home and found me. She called the police. I was still buried under the junk. Three of her spastic group were outside in the heat. She got me out and was screaming (boy she's got a set of lungs). She loaded all of us ferrets into a police cruiser and went to the vet.

I had a concussion and badly bruised spine. I stayed there about two weeks I fought with everything I could. My mom had just lost one of her babies the week before. I knew mom would be destroyed. I'm one of her favorites (actually she don't love any of us more).

Then they let me come home. Peek and Snickers almost wet there pants when they saw me. They said they thought I was dead. Well then mom started trying to exercise me, she made things for me. Bought a cool life preserver for me so I could swim in her tub. I hated water so I'd poo in the water. For a while thats only place I'd poo, and it was working my back legs started working. Peek and Snickers said, "tell them" and they'll clear my path for me to eat or poo,until things getting normal again Mom still crys when she sees me struggle to move though.

Today I started hearing someone calling me Said my fight was over and could go see my brother. I still missed him and some of her other babies that don't live here anymore. Well. Peek, ,Snickers ,Hidey and all the rest of Mom's gang I'll miss you! But I'm tired of fighting I'm going to sleep. See ya in heaven! Bye... I'll tell everyone there ya'll said HI!!!!!


I'm in heaven now. I crossed this bridge. Mom"s exercises must have worked, all my legs are working. Pinky Mom's blind baby said, "silly, all our sicknesses and injuries are gone." We have our perfect bodies back, so we can play, all the time. Pinky can even see now, and Mario my brother Is back to his springy self. God told us to, "go play", mom's not due here for a while. He'd let us know when to meet her, he'd bring her here. I miss her! I asked God to hold off bringing, to many, to soon, I worry about Mom. He said she has allot of friends on earth and I always help her through losing one of you. She has to cry allot first, I know thats the truth.

All her animals will keep her busy. She knows she can't give up she's needed to much. I've been having trouble finding someone to do what she does. All over the world there are animals that no one wants for all kinds of reasons. Finding someone to take ya'll in is not easy. I send messages but... few answer. Mostly, I get busy,signal (sigh). Well It's time to play, hope to see allot of you too.

Your babies are here too. God tells all of us we'll have to wait for ya'll. He's not done with ya! P.S. God says.... HE LOVES YOU.