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~In Loving Memory Of Simon~
7-4-94 ~~ 9-2-00


Please think of my sweet Simon as he meets Babette & Chablis who were his English cousins/sisters, and some of his old buddies, Yoshi, Bandit, Zeus, Babs, Badger and Magnum at the bridge today. I think he will like having some old friends to greet him. Simon quickly and peacefully went to sleep today licking his favorite treat, Nutrical.

Simon was diagnosed with lymphoma earlier this year with two large tumors under each side of his jaws.  He never stopped eating, loved his soup treats a couple of times a day and even his pred mixed with Ferretone that he thought was a treat also. I'm grateful we had four more months from the time I thought I was losing him and I do think he enjoyed these four months for short periods.  Simon never showed he was in any pain, just put himself to bed much sooner than was normal for him.

Simon was one of the "special" ones from Operation BabySave. He didn't have a good beginning, having to fight for food among his cage mates who were crammed into a "chicken coop" type of containers along with about 100 kits that were shipped into Florida from England. These kits were all so malnourished and some even had wounds from fighting to get to food bowls that were only large enough for one ferret to get his head into. 

Simon's happiness and joy of "just being" was so contagious for everyone.  He was a real clown with his silly antics and so funny. He was "The Groomer", loving to "flea" everyone including me around my hairline which would make me crackup. He was a little lover, giving me and anyone else, big, fat, hard kisses with his rough tongue which is one of the reasons I chose him from all the Op BabySave kids at the Miami Shelter. There was something about Simon each time I was in the BabySave room cleaning cages, etc. that I just couldn't resist. It was a riot at the shelter to see bunches of little white furry bodies scampering around the ferret room and to have tubes full of little white "chickens" as Angela called them.

Thank you, my sweet Simon, for the warm, loving memories I'll always have of you.  You'll always be in my heart.

Your loving mommie, Jackie