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Our first born fuzzie...the one that started it all...that

fateful week in July 1996. Little did we know that

you would be the beginning of a true love affair with

creatures so wonderful and loving that nothing

before or since has touched our hearts like our

precious fur babies. You, dear TROUBLE, were our

nuturing baby that cared for all the others. Your

loving, gentle ways will always be remembered..

Your special sideways toodling walk down the

hall, the way you played so gently with your brother

Mitts. Your life was too short. The pain too great in

the end for your body to remain with us any longer.

The joy you brought us will be with us forever.

You are missed each and every minute of the day.

I long to hold you just one more time in my arms

and tell you once again how much mommy and

daddy love you. Until we join you and your

brother Bandit once again...

hold us in your heart as we hold you in ours.


Mom and Dad




My life is over,

I've crossed the Bridge

It's beautiful here,

I'm well again.

I know you're sad..I know you've cried

I wish I could be by your side

to comfort you and lick your tears

and chase away your hurts and fears.

I know you grieve for what we had

But please don't grieve dear mom and dad

You loved me well, you loved me strong

You loved me best when my time had come.

You helped me cross to the other side

where life is happy and all is now right.

So please just know I love you too

and I am waiting here for you

to join me once again in play...

And know I'll NEVER go away.

BY: Joyce Snyder in memory of TROUBLE