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I love you bestest of many times did I

whisper that in your tiny ear in the short time that

you were with us. Our first little adopted

baby...abandoned at the pet store by uncaring

people interested only in a fancy apartment where

you could not go. The first time I saw your face, as

you lay quietly in the cage in the store, my heart

broke. Your face was a picture of total sadness..I

quietly asked Shawn what was wrong with you.

Your people had come in and said they did not want

you anymore then walked away, he told me.

With instructions for him NOT to let you go to

anyone, I flew home to Mark..I had gotten only half

of the story out when Mark said.....


Within 30 minutes you became one of the most

blessed members of our ever growing fuzzy

family..You learned to dook..and weasel war dance

with the rest of them. The first time you

were so amazed at always threw your

entire body into it. You were the only one of our

merry group that could dance that way. We wanted

you to know that you would never be abandoned

again...sooo.. whispering soo softly in your ear...

Don't tell the others...but I love you bestest of dear BANDIT..


Mommie and daddy



Please don't leave me...

Please turn around and look at me..

Can't you see how your leaving

is killing me!!

Have I been bad

I just don't know...

Why you would ever let me go.

My heart is breaking

I think I'll die

Please turn around

Don't say goodbye

Soft hands, a stranger,

is wiping my eyes

Don't cry, you said,

I'm by your side.

You'll never be alone you said

I'll take you home to love again.

OH JOY..once more

I'm home to stay

You've given me the love

for which I've prayed.

A new dad and mom

to have and to hold

Forever to me

more precious than gold.

How blessed I am to have you two

to give me love and joy anew.

For once I was lost

but now I am found

and have a home

where love always abounds.

BY: Joyce Snyder in memory of BANDIT