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Come with us we will guide you to the pillar of directions, you will see many wonderous places, you will read beautiful thoughts, and these will help ease the pain you now feel.....come with us.

Enter New Pet~~~~~ This is the where you will add the information about your pet and yourself. When finished click on the "submit" button. Your pets name should then appear at the Chapel within 24 hours.

Chapel~~~~~ Your pets name will be here, along with your e-mail address should some one want to send you a personal message. There is also a message board here should you want to post or friends and family may post a message here. All messages here will stay for 30 days. Your pet will then make the journey on to the "Angels in Residence".

Angels in Residence~~~~~ This shall be the permanent resting place. You may add a tribute to your pet if you wish to, and that too shall be immortalized.

Unknown Pet Memorial~~~~~ This is a special page dedicated to all those who make the journey by themselves.

Heartfelt Thought~~~~~~ Are poems, prayers, and soothing thoughts about this grief stricken time. If you feel you have a thought that will bring comfort to others we will gladly add it.

Letter of Loss~~~~~ This is a mailing, to send out to others telling them of your loss, and where you have "memorialized" your fur baby. Many times friends also feel a great loss and would like to share their feeling and help comfort you. this is a simple way of letting them know without having to write many difficult letters.

If you need help with any of these forms, or have questions. Please e-mail us.