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Hi, I'm My Mom's Ole Baby, 6 and 1/2 years old. Finally I found someone who wants me, sick and all. My First owners got me and said I was messy, second ones liked me til I got sick. The third ones got me and kept me til I got sick again, did pay for me to have one adrenal removed. Fourth got some insulinomas removed and other adrenal removed but they thought I should never get sick again. Soon after, the vet found CA, so I went to my fifth owner. They told them they'd pamper me, well I was only there three weeks. I tried to kill the other ferret they got (the other said they had her one week prior). See I don't feel so good and don't want to play much, they stopped giving me my meds.

Then I have my new Mom, my last owners didn't tell her how sick I am but on the way home she said we're going to her vet. The other ferret I beat up don't look too good either, well guess what? They took blood and know I'm sick and found I have cardiomyopathy. The vet said she doubts I could survive surgery, so now I'm on more meds, feeling better but still don't want to play with them(other ferrets) and they have a lot! My cage is with them now but they have my door shut so mom says I won't be bothered, which I think is great. Everyday I get out, roam mostly, and climb on mom's lap or shouder. I have to clean her ears. I sleep at night with her or her daughter, they do like to kiss me and hold me. I like that!

The other ferret that came with me, she got real sick. Her vet fixed her then one of the others got sick and died. Mom keeps telling me she'll keep me. Her daughter baby's me when mom's busy with the other sick ones.

Mom's vet called, some new treatment which might shrink some of my CA and not suppose to be hard on my heart. Mom said we'll try it! They said I have to stay at the vet, thats ok, mom is up here with me most the time anyway. Boy she likes to kiss, cries a lot too. I go home on weekends and sleep with mom.

Well, mom bought me home this weekend again. I'm so tired, keep hearing these voices calling me to Gods home saying my suffering will end. Mom's so good to me, don't know if I should. Oh Look! There's the ferret mom had before that died. She said it's OK, all of mom's friends will help her that like ferrets. I'll wait til we go to bed, it will be easier. Here mom, I cleaned your ears and face. I love you, hope you understand. Bye.

This place is neat! All kinds of animals and I feel like playing now. Have my bunny, Mom sent it with me for when I sleep. Don't sleep so much though, Pinky's been showing me around. She sees now there's alot of ferrets, that I know mom prayed for when they crossed to here too. God said when Mom comes we get to bring her here too. Now there's this nice lady, She says her real name is Marion, but she likes Mellissa better. She says she knew Mom too and she'll keep me company. We all like to sleep with her.

Note: 3 weeks ago I received papers in the mail telling me about all her surgeries, and talked to the owners. That's how I know she was orphaned so many times and why the last owners admitted they were afraid I'd either try to get money for vet bills or press charges. They said her meds cost more then they thought and they thought if I knew how sick she was, I wouldn't want her.

Author: Shirley Pitt